2020 brings new and exciting tours. In the second half of March, we travel to Israel to see gardens and holy land sites. May takes us back to one of our very favorite tours--Gardens of France. In mid-summer, we will be going to England and Wales for 10 days of what we're calling 'connoisseur' gardens. To finish out our travel year, in October we are branching off into a new arena with a Taste of Italy: Tuscany and Veneto.

While some of the information below is still preliminary, it should help you plan your garden touring for 2020! We will update the information as it becomes available.

Gardens & the Holy Land: Israel! - March 15-26, 2020
Discover the rich history of Israel, visit prominent botanical gardens, observe wildflowers in native habitat, walk through a Kibbutz garden, explore Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, the Golan Heights, Masada, the Sea of Galilee, and more! It's 12 days of history, botany, and faith.

Gardens of France:
Normandy, Loire Valley & Paris
- May 14-28, 2020
We begin with exquisite private gardens in Normandy before proceeding to great chateau gardens in the Loire Valley. After that, we travel to Paris for beautiful gardens and cultural sites. It is two full weeks of jardins extraordinaires!

Gardens of the Pacific Northwest: Portland, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle
June 21-July 1, 2020
MCDUFFTOURS is taking the Friends of the Chicago Botanic Garden to visit beautiful gardens in the Pacific Northwest. We stay in Portland, Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle to see extraordinary public and private gardens. This tour is open to anyone who loves gardens.

Connoisseur Gardens: England & Wales - July 2020
These countries have been our most frequent destinations. There are, however, many great gardens in them that we have yet to see. This tour is designed to explore all those beautiful places that we've missed--along with a few exceptional ones that we want to see again. We're calling it a connoisseur garden tour.

Taste of Italy:
Tuscany & Veneto

October 2020
We join forces with author and food blogger, Lauren McDuffie (a.k.a. our daughter-in-law) for a culinary tour in and around Florence, Venice, and Lake Garda. It's harvest time, and we're going full tilt for markets, wineries, olive groves, and cooking schools!

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