For 2019, we are very excited about our offerings--both home and abroad. In April, Sicily is our destination. May brings a return to one of our very favorite tours--Spain and Portugal. In mid-summer, Ireland is calling us back for an exclusive tour of gardens and scenery. September takes us to the Pacific Northwest and our travel year rounds out with the tropical paradise, Costa Rica.

While some of the information below is still preliminary, it should help you plan your garden touring for 2019!

Gardens of Sicily
April 9-19, 2019
Our tour begins in Cantania and ends in Palermo, while along the way stopping in beautiful private gardens, walking through medieval villages, and exploring ancient Roman and Greek ruins. Then we fly to the Bay of Naples to visit La Mortella, a fantastic garden on the Island of Ischia. Sicily is calling. Answer the call!
Gardens of Spain and Portugal
May 10-24, 2019
A rich mix of cultures awaits us in Spain and Portugal as we visit the cities of Mardrid, Toledo, Granada, Seville, Cordoba, and Lisbon, as well as some remarkable villages in between. We see extraordinary gardens, walk through UNESCO historic sites, and enjoy tapas where it was invented. Come bathe in the warm sun as we spend two weeks exploring Iberia.

Gardens of Ireland
for Friends of the
Chicago Botanic Garden

June 24 - July 4, 2019
You are invited to join us for 11 magical days on the Emerald Isle to see wonderful gardens and fantastic scenery. We start in Shannon and end in Belfast. Along the way we visit both public and private gardens and meet the folks that make these gardens great.

Gardens of the Pacific Northwest
September 14-24, 2019
Home to the best climate for growing plants in America, the Pacific Northwest is also home to some of its best gardens. We start in Portland, jet up to Vancouver, ferry down to Victoria and then ferry over to Seattle. It's quite a feast for garden lovers!

Gardens of Eden: Costa Rica
November 8-17, 2019
Escape the onset of winter and fly south to a jungle paradise!  Experience “pura vida” in sun-soaked Costa Rica. On this ten-day tropical expedition, you’ll discover a vibrant land unlike any other. While it's small, Costa Rica boasts greater biodiversity than all of Europe and North America. Also, watch out for our special Gardens of Miami four-day pre-tour!

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